3d Textured Wall Panels Design

Jun 24th

3d textured wall panels can be a cheaper alternative to wallpaper and can turn a plain old wall into a beautiful and bold display. There are many different patterns and methods for creating structured wall patterns, but some of the most common are hand applied textures like roll texture, knockdown finish and fluff finish. Although some of these methods may require patience and a steady hand, they are still relatively easy to perform and will result in a beautiful new look for your walls. Experiment with some styles to look the best suited to your needs.

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Prep the walls. Turn off the power in the room and remove all surface plates. Apply target tape around doors and windows. Remove any unwanted or outdated casting. Tape a plastic foil over the windows to protect them. Apply a drop of cloth to the floor. Prime the 3d textured wall panels to prepare them for gypsum compound. Spray on a thick, evenly stocked primer with elfish cream. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before applying the dry wall compound.

Spray dry wall compound slightly and apply it with a short nap roll for a roll texture. Apply the compound as evenly as possible and then allow them to dry for ten minutes. Go over the surface with the roller again. This will create a lightly structured surface. Create a knockdown roll texture by applying the compound in the same way but then flat to the surface with curved-leaf filler. Use very light pressure when moving filler over the surface of the 3d textured wall panels. This will knock down the small peaks of the compound mixture on the wall and create a surface that is textured, yet soft at touch.

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