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4 Poster Wood Bed Design Ideas

An amazing piece of furniture, the 4 poster wood bed has a long history and still persists in modern rooms. With high stands at their four corners. The owners of canopy beds often use them as the focal point of the room. They also usually hang curtains on the rails for a dramatic effect and to change the mood of the room.

4 poster wood bed has four distinctive high positions at its corners. And often has such as mesh or silk fabrics draped over its rails. A type of luxury bed, the four poster bed sometimes has ornate decorations on its headboard and foot, which are often made of wood, metal or leather insert. Canopy beds also sometimes feature handrails and English tudor style wood carvings. If the bed has metal rails, which could be decorated with snake shapes.

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The 4 poster bed first appeared in the 16th and 17th centuries. When European homes often had dirty roofs in ashes and scoria collected. The four posts and cover above the bed were invented to protect those who sleep in it from such filth. Allowing them to sleep without interruption. The wealthy families who owned the four poster beds hung on the rails of their four-poster beds to separate their sleeping areas from those of their servants, who often slept in the same large room. The curtain also served to keep the insects out.

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