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Dec 6th

The tudor style homes features many aristocratic and ostentatious decorative details. Let us know its main characteristics. After the Middle Ages, a very interesting architectural and design trend emerged in England. Bringing home elements of the church and palatial decoration. The Tudor style was develop in Britain in the fifteenth century, during the reign of Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. And left its mark on world architectural design as well as interior design. The Tudor house is characterize by two floors in gabled roofs with wooden or slate roof tiles. Exterior walls with diagonally located beams or other ornaments. Large “homes” or wood stoves, plaster walls, arches in the enclosures and typical viewpoints of windows.

Uniquely, this great country house combines styles. Although the composition dominates the Norman Anglo, windows with Tudor characteristics and others of the English style are notice. To classify the ensemble, the appropriate term is Pintoresquismo. A Tudor style house is distinguish and elegant, as well as its interior decoration. Where you can see an immense range of decorative accessories of refined and aristocratic style. The doors of Tudor style homes are hardwood of great weight, surround by stones, brick. And adorn profusely with fittings, hinges, nails. And other elements in various metals. They can be observe in the houses of the style ornaments in the outer walls. As the structure of beams in wood, iron, brick, plaster and stone.

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The interior design of the Tudor house has selected elements and delicate touches. Such as wall coverings in wood, carved wood moldings, walls decorate with tapestries, carpets and fabrics. The texture is present in all the genres, whether carpets, tapestries, curtains or cushions and in them. As in the rest of the interior decoration, predominate the colors red, orange, blue. And then gold, in velvet, damask and brocade fabrics. The carpets are the essential accessory. Although it can be accept leaving in sight a floor of wood, brick or polish stone.

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The accessories for decoration are antique shields, display cases with objects. Then with vitreous, framed portraits, wood carvings, canopy beds, glass and shiny metal objects and porcelain objects. And also large libraries with volumes bound in leather. The Tudor style homes ideas has a lot of expensive objects. And boasts the high position of the inhabitants with authentic objects of art, and pieces of refined craftsmanship. Also furniture in noble woods with exquisite carvings, reliefs and incrustations in stones or engravings of the familiar heraldry.

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