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November 28, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Aluminum Wall Panels Ideas

Aluminum wall panels are made of metal such as tin or aluminum and are often used to build stalls or warehouses. These wall panels can also lend a distinctive look to a number of decorative projects. The structured surface and shiny color provide a chic, modern appeal or a rustic country looking indoors, depending on how it is used. Leave a border of the regular wall behind or fill the entire section between the floor and below the counter.

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Use an aluminum wall panels as a cloth for a modern art painting. Create your master on the surface before hanging it from a regular inner wall to give the area consistency and color. Line bottom third of a room with corrugated wall panels for a distinctive touch of wainscoting in a modern dining room. Install wood casting over and under to avoid sharp edges. Cut pieces of wall panels to fit the surfaces of existing wood furniture. Attach it to furniture and give an industrial, space-aged appearance to a room.

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Tips and warnings

To achieve an aged look on an aluminum wall panels, spray it with salt water and let it sit outside. It will start to rust. Continue the salt water application until it achieves the appearance you want.

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