Antique Regulator Wall Clock that Awesome in Home

Dec 24th

A simple regulator wall clock can become a custom design that is integrate into the decoration by surrounding it with a wood frame or a vinyl, among other proposals. Although technological advances make it possible to see what time it is in many devices. Such as telephones, televisions, ovens, microwaves, etc. Wall clocks are still a practical tool in the living room as well as in bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms. This article provides ideas for customizing a watch with creativity and little money. It offers two options: on the one hand, to decorate a wooden frame. And on the other hand, to go further and to design until the drawing of the sphere. In addition, it provides another possibility, that of decorating the wall with vinyl or paint around the clock.

In times when all technology tends to be digital, there are certain old instruments that are revalued and gain charm. This is the case with watches. To give the hours hanging from a wall, whether in the living room or in the bedroom, kitchen or other place of the house. The classics of needles are much more beautiful than the most accurate electronic models. Beyond the designs that are market, it is possible to customize a regulator wall clock with ingenuity, creativity and little money. The simplest way is to acquire a basic clock model and then build a framework to surround it.

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An option that is a little more complex, but that gives greater possibilities. It is to buy the clock device and assemble the whole structure. Then the details. The most practical way to create a frame for a wall clock is with a medium density (DM) board. It can be use in two different ways. One option is to hang the clock directly from the wood (as if it were off the wall). In the latter case, you must find a way to hold the watch to the board (plastic clips can be attach to the back) to avoid accidents. The size of the frame will be to the taste of the designer, as well as the style of its decoration.

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Being wood, it allows multiple variants: painting of different colors, varnish or techniques such as decoupage. The colors and designs have to be define according to the decoration of the rest of the room where the interior regulator wall clock is locate. One possibility is to surround him with the numbers 1 to 12, which remember the hours that the watch reports. If it is to be in a children’s bedroom, it can be accompanied by the children’s favorite characters.

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