Baby Changing Table Dresser

May 4th

Changing table dresser – When babies are equal with the miracle of life and love, they are also equal to 6 hours of feeding and rotating to the changing clock. You can see, shortly after the arrival of the baby, how important it is to have a changing table. Most new parents buy a rush when they have trouble handling with regular furniture. However, you can build one and in the process, save a small fortune that you can use to buy something else for your valuable package. Although it sounds a bit difficult, it is not. Whoever likes to do it in the house, can do it, because it does not require any dexterity or special skill.

Take the tape and measure the size of the changing table dresser surface. Have an array of the size you want, but the best is something about 3.5 feet long and 2 feet wide. Cut two identical pieces of the same size (the size you want your table to be). For the table above, lengthen its length by about 6 to 8 inches. Since they can be pre-laminated, you do not have to worry about your goal.

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Cut your legs changing table dresser in the desired size. If you prefer steel pipes, they have rubber accessories. For wood, you must water and smooth to perfection before placing it on the surface of the table. Now make your table by joining the legs of the table. For steel legs, it is necessary to fill the hole with wood, then to pierce the nails. The steel bars should be at least 6 inches longer than the table as this drives the train to the station. The connection of the legs must be made perpendicularly on the wooden board.

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Repeat the process with the other two cards to create two more shelves for your changing table dresser. For best results, use the saw to create a dimple on the wood that matches the steel tube for a convenient fit and stick it with glue before driving on the nail. This strengthens attachment and gives you extra strength. Attach protruding pipes or wooden feet with steel pipes or wooden rails parallel to the table. Create tracks (similar to a cage) for security. Do this with wood or steel. This image must follow exactly the parameter of the table. the protruding part must be placed separately. This is where you will find lotions and other things you need in your hand while changing the baby.

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