Bathroom Wall Shelves Wood As Towel Rack

Wooden Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet

Bathroom wall shelves wood as bath towel racks are an attractive option for a convenient hanging your towels. These towel racks acquire a wide range of styles from the traditional to the modern. It is possible to buy a towel rack, but you can easily make your own as a project of do-it-yourself work of wood. Make a timeless towel rack for your bathroom using a beautiful hardwood like maple, cherry or walnut. A simple towel rack with clean lines works well with any style of home decoration.

Place the 2-by-2-by-36-inch flat panel board on a work surface. Adjust the guide on a drill press to drill the center of a board 2 inches wide. Insert a 1-inch drill bit into the drill. A column drill has an adjustable backrest called a fence. Place the flat back on the table of the drill press with the pencil measurement marks facing upwards. Remove the 1-inch drill bit from the drill press and insert a 1/4 inch drill bit. Turn the board 2-by-2-by-34-inch so that the 1-inch diameter holes are on the sides of the board and the non-perforated side is facing up.

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Apply the wood glue to the inside of the 1-inch diameter holes using a cotton swab. Slide the 1-inch diameter dowels through the holes in the back. Wipe off excess glue that oozes from around the pegs with a damp cloth. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before handling. Spray a layer of lacquer, even on the towel set. Allow the varnish to dry for at least four hours and apply a second coat.

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