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November 13, 2019 Home Design

Beautiful Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

Paint vaulted ceiling design ideas with a color that complements room is a great way to complete look of space. For example, if you have wooden elements throughout room, paint ceiling like brown tone. Matching wall color with color of ceiling makes room look smaller despite high ceilings, so use a color on ceiling that subtly contrasting colors of wall. This design concept is especially ideal if you have solid colored floors; houses with tiled roofs need luxury flat solid colors, but reversed this idea allows you to beautify your roof and get same effect.

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You can incorporate texture on vaulted a couple of ways: textured paint, trays or boxes. Textured paint makes room look like a single unit, as it is based on design of ceiling design ideas of room. If all walls of room are of a light color like white or beige, can maintain high ceilings same color and still draws focal point of room below, simply by adding texture.

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Advantage of using textured paint is that it works in any form vaulted ceiling design ideas, Use of wood to add trays or boxes for flat vaulted ceilings works well. You can paint ceiling a color, and add coffers of colors that match floor for contrasting look.

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