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May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

Beautiful White Wood Platform Bed

White wood platform bed is also a beautiful, strong material to turn a loft bed into. The wood gives the loft bed a robust appearance, which fits nicely in a children’s room where a lot is played. You don’t have to worry that this loft bed will break! A loft bed does not necessarily have a standard desk. To save space, an extendable desk can also be used.

This ensures that you can use the rest of the room as cupboard space, making the loft bed much more efficient. Of course it is a minor drawback that the desk must be cleared before it can be retracted. A really super practical loft bed has several drawers underneath each other that can be extended. The lower two can serve as an extra bed or to put in clothes (lots of clothes).

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The top one is a shelf that is used as a desk. You can also extend this further, but if it is retracted you still have a nice desk that is suitable for homework, games and so on. Do you want a fully complete loft bed that contains everything you could need? This loft bed has a desk and a couch that can be folded out into a bed. Ideal for teenagers, who therefore have extra space to relax.

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