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June 16, 2019 Wood Bed

Benefits of Having the Mango Wood Bed

Mango Wood Bed – Today many of us are looking for sustainable and ecological products, we look at our food. Is it organic, ecological, what kind and distance have this product moved? We consider the vehicle that we buy if it is electric. Mixed or the least polluting and we have in account of our waste, we separate to recycle. However, few of us think of buying the furniture of our homes if they have been manufactured in a sustainable way.

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The reality is that furniture manufacturing is not the greatest example of using materials and sustainable options. It is usually putting the cost and style of products and parts ahead of the environment ahead. That is why, when we hear that Mango wood is one of the woods that makes furniture is the most sustainable, we are intrigued. Mango wood is strong, versatile and beautiful enough to compete with other woods, but is it also sustainable and ecological?

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Technically Mango is a hardwood with dense grains, so it has enough strength to support the weight needed for heavy chairs and tables, but it’s still soft enough that it’s relatively easy to work with, no need for special tools on behalf of the manufacturers so it is not necessary for large machines that consume a lot of energy and therefore is less harmful to the environment.

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