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October 28, 2019 Chimney Caps

Best Wind Directional Chimney Cap Design

Wind directional chimney cap – Wind can cause air inlets on the top of the chimney. The consequence of this air is that it cuts the natural shot. It is what causes the plastering (or return) of the gases and odors in the interior of the house. This can happen in many places in the home: boilers, bathrooms, kitchens. According to the force of the wind, we detect odors in a room. If you live in a couple, click here to explain this case in detail in another article.

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It’s time to call a professional company that will solve this incident by installing shunts on the top of a fireplace in your home or your property. The most common solution is the installation of wind turbines on top of wind directional chimney cap or shunts. The installation of shunts (or wind extraction at the top of individual or community fireplaces will allow:

Prevent the wind from cutting the natural shot of wind directional chimney cap. By minimizing the effect of the wind, the problem of smokestack decreases. At the same time increase the output flow of the gases contained in the shunt of boilers, kitchens or bathrooms. That is, we will gain in efficiency in our exhaust pipes.

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