Black Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Oct 10th

Black upholstered headboard adds style, elegance and comfort to your bedroom. Building a stuffed bed sheet is a simple craft project; you can replenish less than an hour. Have your plywood shipped on the shop during purchase to make this project even easier


Assemble your material to build a black upholstered headboard. You need a sheet of 3/4 inch thick plywood, cut to the desired dimensions of your bedside. A tape measure, household scissors, a staple gun and an electric knife are the only tools you need to complete this project. Other materials that you need include 1 to 2 inch thick padding foam, wadding and fabric. You can use any type of fabric you want, but furniture fabrics are often thicker and more durable than other fabrics. You need enough fabric and batting to cover the face of the gable, the edges of foam and the board, and around 6 inches along the back of the plywood. Spray adhesive helps keep foam rubber stoppers attached to wood board as you work.

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Building a black upholstered headboard requires cutting of foam cover to fit your plywood. An electric knife is the best tool for cutting clothing foam. Just cut off foam the same dimensions as your wood paneling. The measurements for cutting fabric and batting like the wood panels, plus 10 inches are added both to give you enough extra fabric to cover the sides of wood and foam as well as wrap around the back. Cut off the extra cloth and wad when done. The back of the gable is attached to the wall, so the back is not visible.

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