Build an Attractive Cedar Privacy Fence

May 14th

Cedar privacy fence – Privacy is often difficult to come by in a world of subdivisions and side-by-side condos with little more than walking space between them. Simple solution to this dilemma is a privacy fence, but more complicated result is often a claustrophobia inducing, imposing wall of solid boards and a stifling, airless yard you’d rather not get into. However, a well-designed cedar fence provides privacy and appears attractive and airy at same time.

Build a cedar privacy fence between adjacent yards, but top wall with an extra-wide board to provide a shelf for flower pots and an overhang from which to suspend planters or bird feeders from hooks screwed to underside. To provide air flow through yard, intersperse occasional planks with framed, narrow sheets of wood grid in areas with low visibility between houses. Plant vines on bases to grow up grid for further screening.

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If your home has a rustic architecture, make a stockade style fence of cedar posts and poles rather than dimensional lumber. Sink major posts in ground, and join top and bottom with stout poles of uniform diameter spiked to positions. Attach cedar privacy fence poles small diameter – maybe 2 inches across – using either long wood screws or lashing them with heavy string or small rope to cross poles. This style pairs well with natural plantings.

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