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June 16, 2019 Wood Bed

Build Low Wood Bed Frames Step by Step

A low profile of low wood bed frames can give a bedroom clean lines and evoke one. Even open Asian feel reminiscent of futon mattresses. Sometimes it can be difficult to find such low-end furniture in the United States. Building one, however, is a simple project that takes less than an afternoon. Because the bed is so low, you do not have to worry about decorating beyond the mattress and bedding that you are going to put on it. These plans are for a full-size mattress but can be adjusted for other mattress sizes by changing the dimensions of the wood.

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Arrange a long beam and cut an L-shaped beam. The end of the beam time should butt with the inside face of the short beam. One with two wood screws, using the drill to drive through the short beam along the length of the beam. Repeat step 1 to build a second form of L. Arrange the two L-forms in a rectangular frame. Connect the two open corners as you did the corners of the L-forms.

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Adjust the sheet of plywood on top of the rectangular frame. Screw in place with a wooden screw at each corner, driven through the plywood and into the edges of the joists below. Sand all exposed faces of the wood. Most standard bed sheets and blankets are built with a standard height bed frame in mind. Even though you will want to buy adjustable sheets in size, you may want to use flat sheets and blankets a size smaller than the mattress you use.

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