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July 7, 2019 Wood Bed

Build Reclaimed Wood Queen Bed with Canopy

Reclaimed Wood Queen Bed – It’s the ultimate recycling statement. That pairing wood weathered with tree branches to build a bed that is sturdy and beautiful. Start by gently scrubbing salvage yards and trash to use lumber. Or running an online lumber ad towards the scrap heap. Next, pick up tall tree branches in parks and recreation sites that allow for collection. And you are on your way.

Measure the mattress. Find a sheet of plywood previously used that is at least 3 inches longer and wider so that the base of the bed does not protrude when it is complete. Sand the plywood. Make sure a simple bed frame. Cut and measure four lengths of recycled wood for size and join them with wood screws to create the rectangular base. Reinforce the frame by threading more sections of wood previously used to the structure.

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Add post leg units to each of the four corners. Screw measured lengths of recycled and sanded wood to the four corners of the bed base using long wood screws. Prepare the finishing bed by gently sanding all surfaces before applying a dye that matches the colors of the tree branches. Attach the branches to each of the four posts. Make sure of a canopy. Buy enough fabric to expand in the frame plus an extra 2 feet. Use light brown burlap – hemmed or raw – for a natural touch or choose the vaporous fabric like silk, rayon or nylon.

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