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Build Recycled Wood Bench with No Backrest

A recycled wood bench without a backrest is a simple but elegant structure that can make the perfect complement to a garden, patio, terrace or porch. When you make your recovered wooden bench, like the one that was rescued from an old barn. You can add character and style to your bank. An unsupported bench is a relatively simple woodworking project. And can provide a pleasant sense of accomplishment when finished.

Select recycled or reclaimed wood from a retailer of a particular style, such as oak or cedar that you like. Cut eight pieces of reclaimed wood planks with a hand saw to measure 1 by 4 by 16 inches. Cut an additional eight tables to measure 1 by 4 inches by 47.5. Cut four posts to measure 4 by 4 by 16 3/8 inches. Set two planks of 1 by 4 inches by 14.5 and two planks of 1 by 4 inches by 16 boards so that they form a rectangle.

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Insert one of the posts between the inside left edge and inside the right edge of the rectangle. Position four additional 1-by-4-by-16 plates at spaced intervals. Place the four 1 by 4 inch by 47.5 planks on top of the seat supports and they adhere to the top of the frame. Turn the seat bench over so that the seat surface is upside down. Attach the posts to the frame with 16 screws of the 2-inch cover. Sand all exposed edges of the wood with fine-grained sandpaper. Clean sanding sawdust with a clean, damp cloth.

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