How to Build Wire Fencing Rolls

Nov 27th

Wire fencing rolls – Construction of a field fence or woven wire yard has certain advantages. When placed under tension, the woven wire barrier provides a lasting barrier that even a jumping animal will find it difficult to cross. At the same time, woven wire poses none of the risks of injury to breeding animals than barbed wire. However, the need to place the fence wire mesh under tension adds a few steps to the fence assembly procedure that an experienced builder nearby might not be familiar with.

Walk along the proposed wire fencing rolls line with a measuring wheel and pound a stake into the ground at 16 ft intervals to mark where the post holes were dug. Tie ropes to each game and create a tight line, then use this line to check your line of righteousness. Move any stakes mark misaligned. Divide the height of a typical 3 post and then add 4 inches to determine the depth of the post hole. For the typical 8-foot-high post, this means a 3-foot post deep hole. Multiply the width of the typical post by 2 to determine how wide the post holes should be.

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Dig the post holes, using the measurements from step 2 and using a hoe, post hole digger and shovel. Make the cylindrical hole as possible. Fill the bottom of each of the pole holes with 4 inches of sand. Attach the wire fencing rolls posts. Place a post into a post hole, post level belt and adjust the position of the post to plumb. While an assistant holds the pole in position, fast setting concrete into a bucket mix and pour into the hole.

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