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June 14, 2019 Wood Shelves

Build Your Own Live Edge Wood Shelves

Live Edge Wood Shelves –  If you know how to make your own wooden shelves, you can turn your room into a more efficient storage space with a more open surface. From living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms to rooms or bathrooms, simple floating wall shelves are a kind of woodworking project that can handle new people. To carry out a floating shelf project, you need 18-inch hollow core doors, table saws, inches and drill holes, long screws, wood glue, hammers, brads, and safety gears, such as glasses and ear plugs.

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Cut an 8-inch door. The hollow door has a corrugated cardboard bracket in the middle, so it erodes people away so the cleat will go inside. Sand until all the rough edges are smooth. Then, stain or paint the desired part. To provide illusions without support, floating shelves will  secur on the wall using cleats. This is a long wooden track rack drilled into a wall stud in such a way that the shelves fit right above it. To make a cleat, you must measure the right thickness. Measure the interior of the door, from top to bottom, and right width.

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Cut a piece of wood 2 x 4 inches in the same length as the cleat. Then carefully check other measurements for height. Gently mark the place where you want to hang the shelf with a pencil. Use the stud finder to find the button inside the wall, and then mark it with a pencil. Pre-drill through the cleat and enter the stud with a few inches, and then attach the screws to each place until the cleats hang firmly and straight.

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