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July 14, 2019 Wood Bench

Build Your Own Simple Wooden Bench

A great simple wooden bench can create an excellent addition to a porch, patio or garden. A wooden bench can also serve well in a kitchen or dining room whenever more space is required to sit. Even if you are not an expert carpenter, you can create a simple and strong wooden bench. With the preparation and materials on the right, you can easily build a wooden bench that comfortably seats three adults in just a few hours.

Cut four wooden posts for the sidewalk frame. Put on the safety glasses, and cut two asparagus 47 inches long. Measure and cut a rectangular piece of plywood ¼ inch by 9¼ by 50 inches. Nail the plywood to the bench seat frame. Adjust the curb frame on the top of a 1-by-12-by-53-inch plate, with the plywood touching the plate. Align the frame on the board. Measure and cut two rectangular pieces of plywood from ¾ inch to 11 by 17¼ inches each.

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Measure and cut four right triangles of ¾-inch plywood with 8-inch sides. These triangles will serve as leg supports. Align each triangular support at an outside corner of the bench. Measure and cut a beam in 50 inches for a clamp in the longitudinal direction. Center the clamp between the legs of the bench, and the screw in place 4 inches from the lower edges of the legs. Rotate the bench on which to rest on your paws, and sand the entire bank with sandpaper of medium grain.

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