Building Padded Wall Panels

May 22nd

Padded wall panels can provide warmth and softness to a room. Whether you feel like padding the wall in a playroom to keep your kids safe, create a soft bedside for your bedroom or if you simply like the look of a walled wall, make your own wall padding is a relatively simple make- self-projecting.


Cut a plywood board to the desired dimensions of your padded wall panel. Sand the sides and corners of the plywood to remove any tiles and uneven edges. Put the plywood board on top of a large sheet of foam that is 1 to 2 inches thick. Use a marker to track the edges of the plywood, and then remove it. Cut the foam in line with a sharp matt knife. Use a scissors to cut a sheet of cotton blanket wadding and a sheet of fabric. Both should be about 6 inches longer on each side than piece of foam.

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Place the fabric with the straight side down on a clean, flat surface as a large table or floor. Place the wadding on top of the fabric, making sure all sides are lined up. Place the foam on top of the wad, center as much as possible, then place the plywood slab over the foam. Pull the fabrics up and over the plywood and use a staple gun to secure the fabric in place. Begin in the middle at the top of the padded wall panels and work outwards, staple about every 2 inches, and then pull the fabric tense. Repeat on the right and left sides. If you use a patterned fabric, be sure to pull the fabric evenly so that the pattern will not be crooked.

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