Building Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Jan 3rd

Wood platform bed with headboard is a fancy sleeping manicure that puts your sleeping space 5 or 6 meters from the ground. Underneath a platform bed is a particularly nice place to place a desk or set of drawers. If your living room space is in desperate need of a more functional area, then consider making such furniture to make your room too functional.


Cut four 4-times-4 to 6 feet length, or whatever height you want to create your wood platform bed with headboard. You can use a circular saw to cut, but make sure each end is square. Each incision will require two passes with chainsaw. Notch the top of each 4-by-4 to accommodate a 2 to 10 work piece. This means taking a circular saw and setting the depth to exactly 1 1/2 inches. Make a square pencil on exactly 9 1/4 inches from one end of the 4-times-4.

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With a corner handle as a guide, cross the 9 1/4 inch mark. Divide the line with your blade and then continue to make cross cuts with your circular saw and continue using the angle handle as a guide. Cut out all the work between incisions with a sharp star iron and a hammer. Do this for all four services. Determine the size of the wood platform bed with headboard (width and length). If you have already purchased a mattress, add 4 inches to each dimension to determine the total size of the wood frame (this includes an extra inch for flexibility).

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