Building Wood Snow Fence

Feb 1st

Wood snow fence blocking the wind and prevents snow drifts formed in your garden. The fence is installed fairly easily once you decide where to place it. Consider the height of the fence and the size of the openings in the fencing materials when choosing your snow fence. Each of these variables affects the effectiveness of the fence. Determine the area of ​​the installation of your fence. It should be installed upwind of the most common snowdrift area, perpendicular to the prevailing winds.  The fence should be at least this far from roads, buildings and other areas where you do not want to snowdrifts formed.

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Measure the area of ​​the wood snow fence will be installed. Using stakes and twine to mark fences lie. Using spray chalk to indicate the location of the fence posts, each 3 feet. Remove the stakes and twine. Place a piece of scrap lumber on top of a piece of rebar and a hammer guide holes for posts. Control messages in the skid 12 inches in the ground. Entries can be shaky at this point.

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Start weave between the first two wood snow fence posts at the top. Weaving from right to left on the first row and left to right on the second line. Alternate which side of the fence post fabric begins each. Continue this pattern on the fence section to ground level. Secure the branches of services with jute. Ask an assistant to hold the post upright and sturdy during weaving. The fence gains stability with additional lines.

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