Can you Find Time with an Antique Mid Century Buffet or Sideboard?

Oct 13th

To Find Time With a mid century buffet that antique, firstly look for any characteristics of the mid century buffet or sideboard. According to the furniture, a buffet is the bottom of a closet or low cabinet used for serving food. A sideboard is a cabinet used to display the plates. Look at the back of the buffet / brim or underneath it. Often company names and dates are engraved, burned, etched or inserted on a back or under item. Company names, cities or dates can help you establish the date of furniture.

Examine the sideboard or mid century buffet construction. Notice how the wood is closed. According to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, screws were not often used in furniture until the late 1700s. Before the nail or groove and feather construction was used. Note and feather was a method of joining which requires no lock. A wooden piece had a protrusion called a tongue. While the other wooden piece had a slit for the tongue to slide into, called a track. The absence of screws and nails usually indicates your buffet or shampoo until the 17th century.

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Photograph your mid century buffet or sideboard. Use the photo to browse online auctions and antique stores. Or you can take along while visiting antique shops and live auctions. It is easy to forget the finer details of antique furniture. And sometimes the little details are what determine the era of the piece. Pay attention to finer details: hinges, drawer drawers, knots and carving designs. Also largest antique furniture guides. These to compare pictures and details of identified antique buffets and pouring to the buffet / sideboard. The wood used to construct a buffet / skink often determines the era. According to Museum Furniture, Queen Anne’s style buffets and donkeys have cut the scallops with graceful bent legs.

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Walnut, cherry, mahogany and payroll forest that is most popular. Queen Anne furniture dates from 1702 to 1714. Buy books at bookstores or find in libraries. Next, visit antique mid century shops and explore antique mid century buffet or shelves. Compare features. Like play style, three weight, and style of carving and three-color. According to Museum Furniture, furniture dating from 1603-1625 is referred to as Jacobin furniture. And is large in size and often very dark wood. Last, hiring an antique appraiser if you are unable to find a similar antique mid century buffet or sideboard in any books, stores or auctions.

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