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Full Size Wood Loft Bed Help Maximize Your Space

June 5, 2019 Wood Bed

Carpentry Project of Full Loft Bed Wood

The full loft bed wood saves space on the floor in a room. Instead of trying to find one in a store to fit the space you have, build your own wooden. When you build a high bed to yourself, the planning before the construction will help to make the real woodwork easier. Furthermore, when you carefully follow the plans.

When building a high bed, look in the room where it will be kept. Decide if you want to build the high bed directly on the wall studs or as an independent unit. Look at the height of the ceiling. A child should be able to sit on the high bed without hitting the ceiling. But, the base of the bed has to be between 4 and 5 feet from the ground. It is to create ample space under the bed for a desk or second bed. Plan not only for the current height of your child but for the maximum height that will reach during the years, you will be using the bed. Make sure that the space available for the project is adapted to the uses has occurred, and adjust accordingly, if necessary.

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Generally, loft beds are an alternative to bunk beds for children. Since they are built for smaller people, loft bed plans are usually based on a mattress of individual size. According to Black & Decker “The complete guide to Built-Ins”, two single beds are a standard of 39 by 75 inches. If you choose a larger mattress, the frame of the high bed should be at least 1 inch larger on all sides than the mattress.

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