Chain Link Fence Privacy Ideas

Mar 29th

Chain link fence privacy – When installing a chain link fence in your privacy on your property, you install the line posts and terminal posts. Line posts are the intermediary services between the larger terminal posts. How far apart the posts are depends on how long the section of the fence is. Similarly, how many posts you need depends on how many sections of the fence you are using. Regardless, there are still some specifications you need to know to properly install posts for your chain link fence privacy.


Stretch a tape measure between the two first terminal posts that you already have installed on your chain link fence privacy. Line posts installed in between these two terminal blocks. Read the measurement of this distance in feet. Divide the number of feet with the number of line posts you will use to find the precise distance between line stations for your fence.

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Dig a hole for your line posts at each location where the service will be installed. Each hole needs to be 6 inches wide. The depth depends on the height of the fence but typically will be between 18 inches and 2 feet to find the exact depth, measure the height of your chain link fence privacy segments and add 2 inches.

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Place your first row of posts in the middle of the hole you dug. The top of your line posts should be 2 inches lower than the top of your terminal posts. Hold each post to keep it level as the concrete dries. Use a trowel to angle down the sides of the concrete, which is made to direct the water away from the line posts.

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