Chandelier Floor Lamp Ideas

Apr 3rd

Electrical technology in a floor lamp is quite simple. There are two wires running from the two terminals in the wall socket up to the socket. In between there is a switch that turns the power on and off. The real challenge of making a chandelier floor lamp does not put together, but design an attractive body for the lamp. This article covers how to make a basic floor lamp of easily found materials, but you can close almost anything in a lamp.


Buy a lamp kit that it linked in Resources. It should have a cord, socket, power switch and harp. Hardware and construction stores often sell lamp kits. Get a long tube for the body of your chandelier floor lamp design. PVC pipes and bamboo sticks are cheap, easy and easy to work with. Prepare your pipe. Drill a hole near the bottom of the tube for the cord to finish. If you use bamboo, take a metal poll and heat the end over a burner. Touch it through the sections in the middle to make a continuous tube.

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Look at the cord. There will be two threads, one attached to the thick pins on the connector and the other attached the thin one. Put a piece of tape on the thread attached to thicker pins. Pull the line through from the hole in the side of the bottom so that it comes out on top. Hold it in place with a little tape while you’re through. Prepare a base. Any thick, flat wooden piece that seats a broken pallet will work. Drill a hole with the same diameter as the tube in it and glue the tube in. Hook the cord to the socket. There will be two metal screws or studs that protrude from the socket. Linda wire with tape around lighter one and the other cable around the darker one. Solder both cables in place. Install the socket unit including harp, and insert a bulb. Rest it at the top of the chandelier floor lamp set, plug it in and turn it on. If it works, glue it to the top of the light with a little epoxy.

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Tips and warnings

To avoid the risk of shocks, do not touch wires or studs while testing the lamp. Floor lamps are a great way to brighten up a living room because they stand on their own and do not need the table space. As chandelier floor lamp kit gets older, they can become witty. If bumped, a winged floor lamp could fall and break. An unbalanced floor lamp will also look oblique and produce a slanting beam of light. You can tighten your floor lamp so that it does not twist. Whether it’s loose in the middle of the device or from the base, tighten it on your own.

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