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May 22, 2019 Wood Bed

Cherry Wood King Size Bed Frame

Cherry wood king size bed┬áis prized for its fine grained and smooth texture. Wood, can you set up again an eye for the expensive if you head to the store for one. And do not even think of a handmade bed frame, if you’re on a budget. If you have your heart set on a wood bed frame, tries your woodworking skills and makes your own. Building a sturdy, attractive wooden bed frame is not as difficult as many might think. And it does not require expert knowledge of carpentry either.

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Cut the wood 2 by 8 in two lengths of 79 inches and two of 54 inches for the frame of the full-size wood king size bed. Mount the 2 by 8 inch planks in a rectangular frame. The ends of the 54 inch planks should be on the inside edge of the 79 inch planks to form 90-degree corners. Follow two screws through the sides of the 79 inch plates on the 54 inch butt boards.

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Insert the four 54 inch mattress slats through the bed frame. There must be two staples with the ends of the frame and two equal distances in the center, four flush with the bottom of the frame. And then follow two screws through the part of the frame at the butt ends of the mattress fixing systems. Turn the bed frame on its side so that one side is facing up.

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