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May 24, 2019 Wood Shelves

Chic Custom Wood Shelves for Contemporary Style

Clever, inexpensive, custom wood shelves are also chic to distill a contemporary note in our interiors. Create an office corner with a flat color contrasting … Efficient and graphic! Cut the boards in L (W 120 cm x D 40 cm). Sand, dust and paint the boards, brackets and box in purple. Define an area on the walls to be painted in purple: 100 cm on the left, 145 cm on the right and 230 cm in height. Fix the box to the wall on 3 bracket, and the boards above, 55 cm and 45 cm.

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Painting, wallpaper to stick … Wooden magazine racks lend themselves to all the follies. Attach two magazine racks to each other. Screw them in a corner of the wall, then dress them a wallpaper in pastel shades and paint the inside in contrast. What to store his mail, a nice pencil, some everyday accessories…

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Variant greedy. Make spice racks by stacking 4 magazine racks instead of 2. Keep the wood as is, oiling it to protect it from dust. The spice jars will be slid in each shelf, it will be enough to stick a label on their lid. You can also create a smart and graphic storage to expose some books, its collection of nail polish, photo frames…

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