Chimney Flashing Kit Install

Nov 16th

Chimney flashing kit thereof is commonly the problem when a fireplace is filtered. It is important to properly install flickers when you are adding a fireplace or new ceilings, or just when you are trying to eliminate leaks. Flashing the fireplace should redo any time you notice that the metal is oxidized through or is covered in tar for roofing. Flashing installation you can save hundreds of dollars in the end, but requires some skills with tools and measures. You should also be comfortable working on a sloped roof.

Set up a ladder, roof supports, and safety harness before starting work. Measure the fireplace with a tape measure to make sure your chimney flashing kit prevent and chair are the correct size. Remove the old flashing from around the fireplace. Scrape as much cement out of the area as possible, using a chisel and lever. Seal the area around the fireplace with 12 inches wide sticky ice strips and water barrier. This material will adhere to the surface of the roof wood and seal around the nails. Lay the strips so that they protrude approximately 4 inches above the chimney. Any adjacent strips are overlapped to ensure that water will be thrown from the surface.

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Install 36-inch wide strips of ice and water barrier tape along the length of the fireplace at the back. Allow approximately 8 inches of strip to run to the fireplace. Install the intermittent base on the bottom front of the fireplace. Place the flicker so that the edges up the chimney flashing kit and are through the shingles that surround it. Cut the edge of the flashing at a 45 degree angle with a pair of scissors, so you can wrap around one side of the fireplace. Fasten roof flashing by hammering nails to ceiling.

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