Choose Large Garden Planters

Mar 18th

Large garden planters are just as attractive as the plants that grow lush and fresh in and around them. Water garden plants belong to different categories, each with a specific purpose in ecology, a dust’s micro environment. Here are some tips on choosing the best plants for your garden pond.


Look at large garden planters dust photos for inspiration. The first step in choosing horticultural plants is to see how other water gardeners have designed their ponds. Do you want yours to have a modern look with just a hint of foliage?. Once you have decided which theme you want to follow, you are ready to research in different plant categories.

Consider marginal plants. These are usually high large garden planters that are only slightly immersed in water and best placed on the marginal shelf of the pond. Many marginal plants bloom in the summer like the yellow flag Iris, Flowering Rush and Pickerel Weed. Marginal plants that are not too high but have colorful flowers are Yellow Skunk Cabbage, Water Hawthorn and Marsh Marigold. Other common marginal plants are Umbrella Sedge, Arrowhead, Water Canna, Harts Tongue Snake Buns and the Common Cavalry.

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Think of oxygenator plants. These are completely large garden planters that release oxygen during the day and absorb the waste gas waste, which helps to maintain good water conditions for fish. The most popular oxygenator plants are Anarchies, Eurasian Water Rolla, Needle Fruit Moss and Willow Moss. Consider floating plants. These plants are not anchored but remain floating on the surface with their roots dangling in the water (useful as breeding grounds for some fish). Liquid plants grow lush, give shade to the fishermen and keep the water from overheating during the midday sun. The most common liquid plants are water salad, duckweed, golden club and water hyacinth.

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Think of bulbs like water lilies and lotuses. Water lilies and Lotuses begin as bulbs that are planted in pots and immersed in different deep ponds. As floating large garden planters, the lilies “floating leaves provide shade and protection for dust fish. Water lilies and Lotuses are very attractive when they bloom in summer. The flowers are available in different sizes and colors. No matter what type of garden dam plant you choose, be ready to take care of them the same way you take care of common farms. They also require pruning, thinning and fertilization. Some need to be brought in during the winter.

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