Choosing Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Sep 1st

Style and fit are the keys to choosing new vintage bedroom furniture, and neither do you have to spend a lot of money. The size of your room will necessarily dictate the size of your bed and other furniture items, but you want to get something that you love to wake up to. Take time to compare the shop before committing new bedroom furniture. Good furniture will last for many years.


Think about what to use your bedroom for. If you usually watch TV before bed, you want an entertainment booth. If you read, you might want a bookshelf. If your room is small, you may want as little furniture as possible, which means that only one bed, night stand and optional clothes suits. List the colors in your room, wood panel (if any) and existing furniture. Unless you replace all your vintage bedroom furniture set, you will not want to pair up a white chest of drawers bedside table. Then list all the items you think. Think about your personal style. Bedroom furniture can be stylish and modern garden cottage style. Even if you can shop your bed with the sheets, you will also want to have furniture that suits your personal style.

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Set a maximum amount of money you can spend on new vintage bedroom furniture design before starting to trade to avoid overruns. Browse online retailers to get an idea of styles and prices to expect in bedroom furniture. Note the names of designers and styles you like, plus the prices. Visit local furniture stores to see vintage bedroom furniture individually. Ask about prices, delivery and installation of a piece that you like, so you’re not surprised if you later have to set up a piece of furniture yourself. Most furniture stores provide a fee.

Buy online or from a local store, make sure you arrange delivery or installation, if needed. Vintage bedroom furniture image can give you a whole new look to the same furniture so you do not have to buy a brand new bedroom set. Black color gives you a modern look and is very functional because it will match just what you choose to place in the room. Preparing black color furniture may require less preparation than painting furniture with a brighter color.

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Use a screwdriver or drill to remove hardware from the bedroom furniture you will paint. Pull out any removable drawers.  Use a soft brush to clean the furniture with a mixture of detergent and warm water, or use disodium phosphate for heavier cleaning. If you clean with disodium phosphate, wear safety goggles and rubber gloves. Repair scratches, irregularities and tile painting using 120-grit sandpaper over bedroom furniture until smooth. Wipe a please cloth over grinded areas to remove the grind.

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