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October 11, 2019 Garage Door

Coastal Garage Doors: What You Have To Know

A garage must have the minimum dimensions for a car to enter; about 12 m². It can be located inside the house, towards the bottom or in the front. However, the garage is not complete without a door that, in short, together with the structure is responsible for protecting the car. The coastal garage doors are usually made of wood, aluminum or iron.

While it may happen that they are very simple elements there is a great variety of ways to solve it, especially in what has to do with its opening. Another coastal garage doors option is to choose a conventional system, which opens inwards or upwards. In general, when the opening occurs upwards, it is achieved thanks to an electrical control. In terms of safety and practicality, it is usually one of the best options.

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The shape of a door can depend on many factors and not only respond to aesthetic purposes. As we mentioned earlier, the opening system is one of the keys and can often modify the design of a model. Overcome the opening system and if we stop in the aesthetic purposes, basic rule: the coastal garage doors must dialogue with the rest of the elements of the house. Be it in shapes, materials, colors or styles you must follow a certain balance.

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