Covering Granite Coffee Table

Nov 30th

Granite coffee table will add instant elegance to a living room or family room. The beautiful stone is durable, easy to clean and easy to live with. The table will not move around, and if the base of the table is strong enough, the table can serve as additional seating. Adding a granite slab to an existing coffee table is easier than you think.


Check your coffee table carefully to make sure all the fasteners are tight and that the table is well designed to support the weight of a new granite top. If it is well built, granite can be attached directly to the top without further preparation. Paint the coffee table before attaching any granite to the top if you want wood or metal to match granite color more closely. Measure the granite coffee table set and adds 3 inches to both measurements. This will give granite a 1-1 / 2-inch overhang on all sides.

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Give your measurements to a stone company and have your granite top custom cut to fit your table. The stone company will finish the edges of any style you choose. Keep in mind that granite is very heavy and may require two or more people to lift. Some stone companies will deliver table tops to your home for a small fee. Stand granite at the end and use tape to mark 1-1 / 2 inches from each side. This allows you to place the top straight on the granite coffee table base.

Spread a 1/4 inch strand of Liquid Nails Marble & Granite and Solid Surface Material Glue in a back and forth pattern along the outside 2 inches of the design granite coffee table. Continue around the entire perimeter of the table. You want enough coverage for wood and granite to tie together properly. Leave the adhesive at least 24 hours to achieve its original adhesion state. Try not to move, lift or adjust the table during this period. The curing times for liquid nail glue may vary depending on humidity and temperature. It takes about seven days for the adhesive to cure completely. After seven days, the table can be lifted by granite.

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Tips and warnings

The hardest thing when working with granite is the importance. It is often effective to pre-position granite coffee table where you want it to be in the living room before placing the top. This allows you to use the table while the adhesive cures.

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