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September 7, 2019 Wood Headboard

Custom Headboard for Full Bed

Headboard for full bed – Add your own personal touch to your bedroom decor by designing your own dressed bedside. Whether you’re covering an existing bedside or following these instructions to build your own, making a stuffed bedside is a kick. With just a little effort and imagination, you will be relaxing against the dressed comfort of your own custom bedside in no time.


Collect all necessary tools and purchased materials needed to complete your own headboard for full bed. Take measurements to ensure the right width and height on your own bedside. Measure your mattress to determine the width of the bedspread. Typically, the width is equal to or slightly wider than mattress. To determine height, measure from the floor up to about eight inches above the top of your pillows while they are upright.

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Create a headboard for full bed that is really customized by using slender paper to sketch on a bedside shape that you like. Mark the measurements for your bedside plywood when you are satisfied with the shape that you have created. Draw the pattern as you made of the butcher paper on the plywood according to your measurements. Center your design at the right height for your own padded bedside. Place your bedside right side up on the floor. Cover your bed sheet completely with padding foam leaving an inch over the outer edges. Please foam the spot with a staple gun.

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