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Dark Wood Floating Shelves For Home

Dark wood floating shelves – Shelves must match your way of life and the space you have. Find a place for everyone with these ideas using free stand shelves, hanging walls, and modular. Place three open flush racks on the wall to create a built-in storage view that does not occupy the room and does not require DIY. Give 3cm to 5cm space above the book so you can easily pull it out. For convenience, choose a unit that does not exceed 21cm, with a top rack of 180cm. Shelves should be 30 cm wide to fit larger books and 20 cm for novels, CDs and DVDs.

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The book is hard, so you need a solid shelf. Slender shelves are only suitable for novels and lighter jewelry. Store wall colors instead of dark shelves and provide background for jewelry. Divide the room and add space to everything. Separate living and dining area with free standing rack. They will add storage that can be accessed from both parties.

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Showing objects between books will ease the overall feeling. Make sure your appearance is neat by storing small items in the storage box. Organizing books by size, more visually appealing have a ledger at the bottom on a deeper shelf. For closed back shelves, rear shelves with wallpaper to add a personal touch. Store large books horizontally to reduce pressure on their thorns.

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