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May 27, 2019 Wood Shelves

Dark Wood Shelves Decor Ideas

Dark Wood Shelves – Decorating wooden shelves is a relatively simple and fun project. Since they are in a horizontal plane and usually covered with nothing. Shelves can be indulgent with the decorator’s mistakes for the first time. Another reason to try your hand at carving, staining and lacquering is because they are made of wood. Therefore, they can be modified if you change your mind.

Since there are endless designs that can be carved into wood. It can act as a canvas to create a work of art to accentuate your space. First draw your design ideas on paper. Use a mallet and measure carving knives or carving tool to carefully execute your design. Start slowly, removing a thin layer before working your way deeper into the wood.

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Stains come in all sorts of colors, light ebony wood. If you like a rustic, weathered look, you can apply a mixture of lime and water, which adds a whitewashed look. For an antiqued look, you can brush on a dark wood stain and as it dries, apply a random rag to remove a layer of stain. If the shelves are for indoor use and you want to have clean indoor air quality, there are stains and lacquers available without volatile organic compounds. Brush in a lacquer after its final staining or layers of lime has dried completely.

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