Decorate Clothes Hanging Rack

Jan 25th

If you are looking for a way to season the look of your wardrobe without investing in more clothes, consider decorating clothes hanging rack. Even though you may overlook it for the most part, clothes rack can actually be an attractive focal point in your wardrobe. It might surprise you to learn how the smallest decorative accents can completely change the look of your wardrobe.


Remove all your clothes from clothes hanging rack set and store them in a safe place. They will only get in your way when you work. Wear clothes rack out of the wardrobe if it is wood (do not hand paint metal clothes hanger). One way to pin up a wooden clothes rack is to paint intricate patterns across the face of the wood. Just do this, but if you own your house or have permission from your property owner to change the look of the wooden clothes rack. Coat wood coat hanger with a primer of acrylic paint. Use a 1-inch full brush to apply the color. Move brush in one direction, left or right, but not both.

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Paint smaller designs with acrylic paint on wood clothes hanging rack when the base coat of the paint dries. Select all the patterns you like and let the creativity show. Allow the rack to dry and then back into the wardrobe. Buy some decorative plastic vines with a lot of foliage. These vines add a small touch of color to your wardrobe. Linda the vines around the blank clothes rack. Some fake vines are stiff enough to hold the racket by themselves, but some are loose and need to be attached to the rack with some clear bands with a few inches.

Arrange the vines around the rack so that they are not too low. If the vines hang less than an inch, they can catch some of your clothes. When you go to remove clothes, you may accidentally rip the vines outside the clothes hanging rack design. Avoid ruining even a “line wipe only” garment by ruthlessly throwing it in the dryer. With some basic necessities from your local hardware store, you can build a clothes-hanging rack that is both durable and one of a kind.

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Stack 6 ash blocks on top of each other. Stack 6 more ash blocks 4 1/2 meters above from your first stack of blocks. Place a broom handle in the top ash block and over to the second stack top ash block. Insert another broom shank in the other side of the upper ash block and over to the other stack. There should now be two broomsticks “stretched” over the two piles of ash blocks. Insert more broom handles in each set of ash blocks, all the way down to the first set. This will give you several drying positions.

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