Decorate Portable Bar Table

Dec 7th

With some hard work and effort, all old tables become a work of art. Use and portable bar table you find in an economy store or flea market or satisfy yourself with a table that you already have. Although the table has scratches, bumps, chips and other types of damage, it is still suitable for a craft project. Cool way of decorating a table of wood includes ideas that create an entertaining area for the whole family.

To do list

Paint the entire portable bar table, including legs and top, with a bright color, like cream, butter flower yellow or Robin’s egg blue. After the paint dries, measure a frame around the top. Make border at least 6 inches wide and tape off the border leaving the top exposed. Apply a layer of paint board or whiteboard color to the top of the table. When table dries, use space to write your daily to-do list, shopping list or just leave notes for family members. Make your old table a new black and white color scheme. Paint the legs, sides and top of the portable bar table kit in a bright shade, like red or green. Use a level and measure tape to mark off the top. Make a big square in the middle of the table. Divide the larger square into smaller squares to create a chessboard or playlist for plays. Go across the forum with white color first. After it dries, apply more masking tape, marking the black squares. Paint over the tape with black color, create your other boxes.

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Decoupage It

Use decoupage glue and create a custom portable bar table. Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue to the table and print paper images on the surface. Fingers the edges of each paragraph slightly. Go over the table a second time with one or more additional layers of decoupage glue. For a fun look, use old receipts from previous grocery travel or pages from vintage cookbooks. If you choose old cookbooks, use a mix of recipes and images of the cooked dishes. Pick out your four favorite board games as you play with your family or friends on a regular basis. Arrange the boards on top of the table, which allows you to have space for each. Apply decoupage glue to the surface of the table with a brush and press the playing cards in place. Apply more decoupage glue over the top, giving the boards a slightly shiny luster.

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