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November 9, 2019 Home Decor

Decorating a Safari Room Ideas for Kids

If your child loves watching Tarzan and has a wild imagination with preference for animals, becomes his room with a safari theme. Sit down with safari room ideas for kids. Paint the room a pale yellow and black frame. Paint a baobab tree, traditional African tree, on the wall of the corner of the room; extends its branches over the connected walls and ceiling.  Place adhesives huge wall of monkeys in tree branches and a giraffe behind the leaves of a tree as if trying to eat.

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Place a bed of oak along the wall, making sure not to block tree paint for safari room ideas for kids. Cover the bottom of the bed with the impression of a leopard and a comforter set and top with a print and zebra comforter set. Put brown pillows on the bed covered with leopard print and black pillows on the bed covered with zebra print.

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Hanging plants hooks in the ceiling near the bed; should be about 30 cm thereof. Use the hooks hanging a mosquito net around the bed. Place a library along the walls. Fill it with books, stuffed animals and toys. Give the finishing touch with safari room ideas for kids and hat, a telescope and a lamp.

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