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October 30, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Decorating Rustic Wall Paneling

Rustic wall paneling – Decorating a hole with a rustic decor is just what many families are looking for. It is a very comfortable decor. You are bringing outdoors in. And it’s a great way to decorate cottages, home logs, something in this style at home


First use stool feces. You will have many choices, because stumps or large pieces of trees are readily available. Use a grinder and cross the edges of the stump and smooth all edges at the top and bottom. Then add a thick layer of paint to the bottom. Allow to dry thoroughly. Then put a coat on top and sides. It’s a beautiful play for your home. Next hang a large tree limb on the rustic wall paneling, which has completely dried out. Lay it behind the couch for a big piece of wall art. Cover lacquer if you want, or just hang without finish. If you want to beautify, paste glue numbers at different places on the limb.

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Then use tree branches to hang curtains! I’ve seen this and it looks so good in rustic rooms. There are also metal rods that look like tree branches! But in this room, they must be natural tree branches. Next, the rustic wall paneling of the room can have water thin, brown wash put on them to look antiqued. Only wipe a wall in brown wash with a hand cloth. When dry, then hang Old Keys, Antique Canes, Old Door Knobs and all the small antiques in a collage. A wall looks good to hang very old, wood leaf rocks and other wooden tools antique. This antique rustic look gives a warm atmosphere.

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