Decorative Metal Wall Panels Bedroom

Oct 10th

Decorative metal wall panels – If you face a metal building that you have to convert to a bedroom, a number of decorating challenges present themselves. The chances are very good that the building has ugly walls without windows. It may be impossible to hang something on the walls, which means that if you want to cover the walls, you must do it differently than hanging something directly on them. Finally, your lighting options will play a key role in ensuring that this space is not always dark.

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Block view of the decorative metal wall panels with an outdoor canopy tent. The type that works best in this capacity is one of the patio screens that have a ceiling but no walls. They are light and come in different colors. Buy a large enough to fit the inside of the building and with support bars high enough to accommodate stand-alone decorative screens.

Purchase enough folding screens to cover the four decorative metal wall panels. Numbers, stand-alone screens help you with a number of the embellishment challenges that metal walls bring. The screens cover the ugly walls, provide a space behind to hide some recessed lights and do not require you to hang anything on the metal walls, a task that would be difficult if you cannot drive nails or screws through walls. The screens should stand inside or outside overhanging the chandeliers. Place a large surface mat on the floor. You may need a pillow because floors can be made of concrete and will be both hard and cold.

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