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May 28, 2019 Wood Shelves

Decorative Wood Shelves in Man’s Room

Decorative wood shelves – The time to decorate a man’s space, whether it is all his house, a room or just a single bookstore, which is important to make the space attractive and functional but also meaningful to the person to whom the room belongs. Getting the right combination of elements takes trial and error, but it can be done.

Place some articles of interest in prominent positions inside the bookshelf. Some examples are a favorite childhood toy, a memory of a vacation or a trophy won with effort. Choose the elements carefully for their sentimental value, as well as their visual appeal. Odd funky items are excellent conversation pieces, especially when there is an entertaining story behind them. Classically beautiful items made of natural, masculine materials. Such as a large geode, of bright colors collected on vacation, are always excellent choices.

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A few well-placed pieces of art can elevate your bookshelf layout from perfectly possible wonderfully beautiful. Consider placing a small piece of sculpture in a prominent place, or a few framed, signed photos. Another option is to hang a small piece of art framed on the edge of a shelf, which puts it in a very prominent position. Make sure, however, that the pieces are meaningful to the male inhabitant of the room. For example, a sculpture of a horse for a man who works in the horse industry, or a portrait of the family of man.

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