Design Outdoor Trash Cans

Dec 6th

A well-landscaped home can be disfigured by the appearance of a traditional outdoor trash cans. Having a garbage container near outdoor meeting and eating areas is a practical proposition. Building an attractive container trash can is a worthwhile venture for those looking to hide an unsightly waste bin. Decorative latticework and an easy-to-remove wooden top make this winning project dump. An outdoor wood trash container will easily hide ugly metal or plastic receptacles, allowing them to refuse to be placed without detracting from the surrounding landscape. There are many places that offer rubbish bins of one kind or another.

What kind of bin you choose will depend on what you need to. Are you a resident or a business? Will the container be place in a public area, or in a more private location? In the city, or in a lake? You may even need to use a large deposit temporarily. Sometimes a decorative outdoor trash cans is need when cleaning a large space or remodeling. They are also a must when tearing down a structure, like a small house. The containers used for this purpose are generally longer than the containers we normally see. Cut four 1-4-inch pieces of pine, each piece measures 24 1/2 inches long. These are known as long sides. Cut four pieces over 1 by 4 inches of wood, each piece measures 23 inches long.

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These are the short sides. Place two short sides parallel to each other and 23 inches apart. Lay the sides over the ends of the short sides to form a perfect square. Glue all meeting areas and then screw in place. Repeat this process with the other four boards. Cut four pieces of 2 by 2 inches of pine, measuring 28 inches. These will serve as support plates. Cut four pieces of trellis measuring 24 by 21 inches. These pieces will be the sides of the outdoor trash cans container. Nails one piece of the framework to two of the supports. Use about five nails on each side of the grid, making sure that the grid is in line with the brackets.

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Repeat this process with the other outdoor trash cans metal three sides. Cut two short 1-by-4-inch pine boards, measuring 17 1/2 inches. Cut two long boards from 1-4 inch pine measuring 24 1/2 inches long. Arrange the four pieces in the same way that the squares for the frame were arranging. Glue the squares together and then secure with screws. Cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood, 22 1/2 inch 22 1/2 inch. Nail the piece of plywood to the bottom of the square of the wood.

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