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October 2, 2019 Garage Door

Different Ideas Garage Door Hardware

In this book of ideas we are going to show you garage door hardware, which depending on the space you have, inside and outside, can be designed with different mechanisms. The material that occupies the doors will be in accordance with the rest of the construction of your house, especially with the facade. In this tour you can see different models, some of which also have various mechanisms of closure, division into sections, tilting or parallel. Enjoy this article already let’s start!

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Double door: In this garage door hardware the combination of iron and wood make an excellent and strong design. The metal completely closes the space with the two doors of different dimensions along. The glass over the doors provides ventilation and brightness inside the space. The fence of this example is quite dense, but through it you can see the garden that surrounds the house. It is a good protection since its construction is iron and the spaces are minimal.

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Both the garage door hardware and the main guard the privacy of the family. Both are connected by having the same characteristics, design and size to the height and is used when you want to achieve complete isolation of the area of ​​land where the house is located, while the front garden is closed to the eyes of those who walk by the street or the sidewalk.

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