DIY Green End Table

Jul 23rd

Build your own little green end table with some building materials that can be found at your local home improvement store. These simple step-by-step instructions are designed to build a small night table that is 14 inches square and 25 inches high. Adjust the size of the wooden panels and the table legs to build a custom-made bedside table to suit your space. Sand each wooden panel and each table leg with light-weight sandpaper to remove splinters and rough spots. Apply a layer of dye or primer to one side of the wood panels and to all the legs of the table.

Stain or primer spray works best on round decorative legs. Let the coating dry. Flip the panels and legs over and apply stain or primer to the other side. Let it dry. Sand all wood surfaces and remove sanding scraps with a sponge or damp cloth. Apply another layer to each side of each piece of wood. Continue to finish the wood for your bedside green end table until you are satisfied with the results. Cover the work surface with a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish of your nightstand as you incorporate it. Place the four legs of the table on the fabric. Measure and mark 10 inches from the top of each leg.

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Place one of the “L” brackets on each mark and then attach them to the legs with wood screws. Place an “L” bracket on the top of each leg so the bracket is flush with the top edge. Fix the brackets with wood screws. Remove the bottles from the covered work surface. Place one of the finished wood panels face down on the covered work surface. Let one side hang over the edge of your 4-inch work table. Flip one of the wooden green end table legs upside down so that the bottom of the “L” bracket is flush with a corner of your wood panel. Attach the table leg to the wood panel. Repeat this procedure for the other extended corner.

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Turn the exposed corner on your table and fasten the four corner brackets. This is the lower platform of the small bedside green end table ideas. Place the wood panel that faces down on the covered surface. Align the best “L” brackets on each table leg at the corners of the wood panel. Attach the brackets to the top panel with wood screws. Flip the small bedside table right side up and place it near your bed. Add the decorative trim strips around the perimeter of the top shelf of the bedside table.

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