DIY Privacy Fence Installation

Jan 3rd

DIY privacy fence – No fence material that has natural beauty of real wood. Most people assume that wooden fences require annual maintenance and will not last long. But that’s definitely not the case. If the wooden fence is properly installed there is little care and the fence can last for years.

In this article we will discuss about DIY privacy fence. The key to longevity for the wooden fence is the fence post itself. Never use wooden poles for wooden fences. Wood posts (both cedar and treated) that come into contact with the soil can decay in less than five years depending on soil conditions. The heading of treated wood can also be twisted and folded as the writing dries up over time. A galvanized steel pole will never rot or rotate. It will last a lifetime.

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When installing a steel pole make sure to use that can be closed to look like wood. With a steel rod covered by a fence will look like wood and yet will have steel resistance. People often think that steel poles are too expensive. The steel post actually costs less than a wooden pole. Wood posts will use more concrete than steel poles. The hole for the fence posts should be three times the diameter of the pole itself. This means that DIY privacy fence requires a 12-inch diameter hole while a steel pole only requires a 6-inch diameter hole. And, the hole needs to be below the frost line that can be up to four feet tall.

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