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July 2, 2019 Wood Bed

DIY Steps for Queen Size Wood Bed Rails

Queen Size Wood Bed Rails – The beds are easier to make from scratch than you think. Although the beds can be large, important pieces of furniture, which follow a basic rectangular shape that even beginner operators can assemble about four legs of two per. The construction of bed rails is even simpler. If you are going to make a whole bed from scratch, or if you want to attach bed rails to an existing bed, a few simple steps are all you need.

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Cut the size lanes. The length needed for the handrails of the bed depends on the size of the bed for which they are. cut into the posts of the corners of the bed, about 1.5 inches deep, at the desired height for the bed rails. Drill two one-quarter inch holes about four inches deep on the side of each post, and hammer two-inch long metal bars into the holes.

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Apply carpenter’s glue on the holes, and insert the wooden dowels. Mount the bed rails in the slots so that they rest on the metal bars. Make sure they are safe. Varnish, finish or paint the rails if you wish. If you are adding lanes to a pre-existing bed frame, this step is especially important to match the appearance of the lanes for the rest of the bed.

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