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DIY Wood Bed Frame to Consider

DIY Wood Bed Frame – Two advantages of a wooden bed frame are simplicity and cost. When an ornate, multi-piece metal structure is attractive, it is expensive and can be difficult to assemble. However, the simplest wooden frames cost less than $ 20. And you can build one in less than an hour using the tools most families have in hand. The plans here are for a double bed frame, but you can adjust the dimensions of the lumber to build a wooden frame for any size mattress.

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Place two beams on the ground, parallel to each other and with their ends aligned. Both beams must fall asleep at the narrow edges. Adjust the third of the rods between the other beams, parallel and equidistant from the two other beams. Lay one of the sheets of plywood on the top of the beams, perpendicular to the length of the beams.

Screw the sheet of plywood to the beams using a line of four wood screws spaced evenly along the midline of each beam. Set the second sheet of plywood in place, covering the exposed remains of the joists. Its short ends should be aligned with the short part of the plywood already installed, forming the rest of the bed platform. Screw in place as did the first sheet of plywood. Sand the top faces of the sheets of plywood. You can sand the rest of the plot if you like, but it will not be visible or come in contact with your mattress.

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