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June 19, 2019 Wood Bed

Diy Wood Bed Platform Style

Diy Wood Bed – A platform bed is advantageous in a smaller room. As it allows for a larger storage area under the bed. Whether the construction of a simple platform on base supports or a closed platform with potential drawers. The result is the same. A simple bed frame platform is relatively easy to build for yourself to do it with the right tools and knowledge. Piece joints sections of 1/2 inch particle board to match the size of your mattresses and mattresses.

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For a double size mattress, it is possible to use a single cut of particle boards with the correct simple diy bed frame dimensions. Wooden warehouses will be sent to make particle boards at the request of the client. Mount the base frame with 1-by-12-inch pine boards cut 2 inches smaller than the width and length of the platform. Use screws and wood glue to secure the pieces in a rectangular shape. Screw L-brackets on the platform and the base frame for fixing.

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Use 1-inch screws, and position the two L-brackets for each corner on all the side corners of the base. Add a 1-by-4-inch molding board along the entire perimeter of the diy platform bed frame to create a lip to keep the mattress and mattress secure. Pass previous and use screws and wood glue to secure it to the platform. Countersink the heads of the screws and fill with wood filler.

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