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June 4, 2019 Wood Shelves

Diy Wood Shelves: Paint and Place Wooden Shelves

Diy wood shelves – Can you do it yourself paint and place wooden shelves? Certainly, it’s very simple project. The first thing we will do is prepare the wooden surface of the shelves by going through the sander and a fine grain sheet. Step 2, we remove the dust with a brush. And with a foam roller we apply a multi-purpose primer to the water with which we will prepare and protect the surface for its subsequent painting.

Step 3, once the primer is dry we will give an acrylic enamel to the water of the same color of the main wall. We will use a foam roller with which we will apply this multi-purpose enamel, washable and quick drying. So that we will decorate and protect the surface. Step 4

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We will give two hands of acrylic enamel respecting the drying times indicated by the manufacturer. Step 5, when the enamel has dried, we present the diy shelving ideas on the wall.

According to the distribution that we like the most, we check that they are level and we mark their position. Step 6, with the drill in the run position and a widia bit, drill the fixing holes. Step 7, we introduce the plugs with the help of the hammer and insert the screws with the screwdriver. Step 8, now we will only have to hang the shelves in their position. With a few simple homemade shelves ideas and a little color we will give an original and personal touch to our room.

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